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The Fruit Chronicles-Pitahaya

The Fruit Chronicles-Pitahaya

Ever see a bunch of weird looking, scary in the unknown fruit or veggies while traveling and want to know what they are? Ever wonder about the flavors? How to eat them?  How to know if they are ripe?

Yeah, me too.

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve decided to do all the work for you. I’m starting a new series within the blog, exploring the weird fruits and veggies of South America, showing you how to eat them, describing their taste, and how best to eat them! Buen provecho!



Name: Pitahaya

Other names: Pitaya, Dragonfruit, Strawberry Fruit

  • (Mine was specifically a yellow pitahaya, they have red as well.)

Location found: Ecuador, but seems to be throughout South America.

How to eat: Cut the pitahaya, and eat the inside, including the black seeds. I used a spoon to eat out the middle. Do not eat the skin.IMG_2911

Initial thoughts: How the heck do I eat this thing? It sure is hefty.

Taste Review: Delicious. The texture is really nice, not that chewy, the seeds are actually a nice little crunch that adds to it. It’s watery, and sweet. Not a very strong distinctive flavor, but really refreshing.

IMG_2914Overall rating: 4.5/5



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