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Go Veg Posters and Activism in Ecuador

Go Veg Posters and Activism in Ecuador

La Revolución de la Cuchara (The Revolution of the Spoon) is a trans-country animal rights non-profit that is super involved in multiple countries in South America.

I’ve marched with them in protest in Temuco, Chile, watched a leader get arrested for demonstrating at a bullfight, and seen their posters and literature all over South America!

Brother, it is the hour to love animals!

Brother, it is the hour to love animals!

This one is cute. I love all the different paws and hands coming together, demonstrating how we are all together.

IMG_2934Cute little world!

They’ve got spoons in hand! The idea behind the Revolución is that we shouldn’t need steak knives etc, to eat. Cute little dancing!


Animals, they love. Do you?

I love this one. Showing how animals care, and throwing it back at the person reading it, asking them if they care.


Don’t eat your friends! Go Veg!


Imagine that you had the body of an animal…..Wouldn’t vegetarians be nicer to you?


We are vegetarians because:
He/she was happy.
His life depends on you.
She wants to be free.
He has kids.
She is crying.
He has a face.
There is blood.
Life is a right,
There are screams of pain,
He has fear.
She feels.
They (animals) are my brothers.
It hurts them.
Go veg.


Attention: Meat that we put on our table, now is is the number one cause of world climate change.
Be humane. Be a vegetarian.


Death is a thing of kids when you put it on their plate.
If you justify the alimentation of your kids with torture and pain that people inflict on the kids of other creatures, you’re teaching your kids this false social precept to treat those that are weak and inferior as disposable.
As such, don’t ever demand respect when you are weak and old.


Imagine it! They are destroying the Amazon to produce hamburgers!
It’s better to eat veggie burgers that are more delicious and nutritious.

I love this one. I found a bunch of these posters at a newly opened veggie restaurant in Tena, Ecuador in the Oriente aka one of the few cities sitting at the edge of the Amazon. They have quite a few specifically framed towards the Amazon.


Do you want your mom?
They do to. Go vegetarian. Don’t collaborate (participate) in the death of the mom of anyone.


When you are a man, only because you want to destroy the works of man, they call you a vandal, when you destroy a work of God, they call you an athlete.
How can anyone reduce the marvels of any animal to a blood mass of skin and feathers?
It’s outside of my understanding.


Deforestation is the primary environmental damage caused by man, whose principal origin is the cultivation of grains that feed livestock.
Eat less meat, and as such, we’ll have pretty forests to breathe.

It’s definitely cool to see people in South America getting into activism. This is really do it yourself as well, if you see in the upper right corner, it says “Copia y Pega” aka copy and paste. I took a few and will be posting ’em up and leaving them around hostels as a bit of do it yourself activism. You can find posters on the original website I posted at the top, or at another site of the Revolution, Original Kingdom.

¡Hazte vegano!


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