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Fruit Chronicles-Achotillo-Ecuador

Fruit Chronicles-Achotillo-Ecuador


Name: Achotillo

Other Names: rambutan, mamón chino

Location Found: Ecuador

How to Eat: Break the prickly skin with your fingers and pull out the white gross looking interior. You eat the white part, NOT the seeds on the inside of the white part or the outside skin. Those are slightly toxic unless cooked.

Initial thoughts: Prickly. The inside white thing looks very juicy!

IMG_2984Taste: The inside white part, is not that juicy. It’s really chewy and really hard to get the meat of the fruit off of the seed. The flavor is kind of grape like, but not as good. On a side note, I did read that the achotillo or rambutan as it would be known in Asia, separates easier from the seed and is thus better.  Overall, it was just so hard to get the meat off the fruit, it just didn’t seem worth it. 

Overall Rating: 1.5/5


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