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Vegetarian Restaurant in Tena, Ecuador

Vegetarian Restaurant in Tena, Ecuador

IMG_2924Spoon Revolution is a newly opened vegetarian restaurant in Tena, Ecuador. Whether you’re on your way out to the jungle, or looking for some veggie respite after your jungle trips and multiple mosquito bites, Spoon Revolution is a delicious and cheap place to fill up on veggie food!

Open from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Saturday,  they serve breakfasts and set almuerzos for around $3. Because they are new, they are still developing a more set menu, but the set lunch is delicious. They understand vegan, and will accommodate you if an item isn’t already vegan.


They were out of soup, seeing as I went 15 minutes before it closed, but they served me a beautiful salad with a beet and lemon dressing, a cooked cabbage and onion vegetable stir fry and rice. (They threw in some french fries for good measure).

For drinks, a (purified water) infused cold tea.

IMG_2926Dessert was a vegan pudding/applesauce type mixture, made of some kind of cooked fruit. It was delicious.

Overall, it was delicious. The owners were so nice, very accommodating to vegans, and invited me to come and stay at their eco-farm, where actually anyone is allowed to go and volunteer in the Amazon.

The best part of the whole experience, they only give you spoons for silverware. I wasn’t quick on the mental uptake, so I did ask for a fork in the beginning (thinking the name was only a play off the name of the nonprofit…), while they did offer it to me, after the quick explanation, I happily (and slightly awkwardly) ate my meal with spoons!

The Spoon Revolution is on Avenida  15 de Noviembre  at the last stop light on your way out of town (towards Puyo). It’s next to Hotel Cruscaspi. It’s kind of far, so either hop in a cab, or ask you hotel/hostal which bus to take. (It took me about 10 minutes to walk from the bus terminal to get there.)

Open: 8 am to 4 pm. Mondays to Saturdays.  


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