Current Location: Guatemala

The Fruit Chronicles-Sapote-Ecuador

The Fruit Chronicles-Sapote-Ecuador



Name of Fruit: Sapote

Other names: –

Location Found: Ecuador, Peru

How to Eat: Cut into it and eat the inside out with a spoon. Don’t eat the outside part or the more yellow parts around the fruit. Giant seeds inside, not edible.

Initial thoughts: This thing is weird. It smells and looks like a pumpkin on the inside. Very stringy. I don’t like the flavor that much. A weird sweet, gourdy flavor.

Taste: The flavor is this weird roller coaster ride. It starts out just weird. Sweet, pumpkin but not pumpkin flavor. It’s kind of stringy. Then, as you start to eat a bit more, it grows on you. I would say keep eating it just to get a real feel for it. The same thing happened to my friend. IMG_2993

Price: Paid $1 for 3 of them.

How to know they’re Ripe: Should be slightly soft.

Overall Rating: 3/5 


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