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Vegan Food in Cuenca, Ecuador

Vegan Food in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a beautiful, colonial city in the south of Ecuador. An ex-pat paradise full of comfy and delicious restaurants, a beautiful river walk, and gorgeous relaxing streets. As such, it’s full of delicious veggie restaurants to hit up!

IMG_2972My first and highest recommendation would be Nectar, an all vegan restaurant in the city center.

Location: Benigno Malo 10-42 (Gran Columbia)
Hours: 11 am-3 pm IMG_2976


It has a delicious set lunch for $3 that I highly recommend. Soup, main plate, juice and a creative vegan dessert. They also have delicious sounding appetizers, like hummus and pita, and have a la carte options as well. The service is incredible, they have wi-fi, and the interior is comforting and relaxing. A must visit in Cuenca. IMG_2973_2









IMG_2978Second, would be the organic smoothie bar, Live Orgánico. 

Location: 9-87 Gran Colombia

Hours: 8:30 am-6 pm.

Absolutely amazing fresh and healthy smoothies. Better than smoothies at home. She has all these healthy additions, including spirulina, wheatgrass, goji powder, hemp protein powder, chia seeds, and more! She’s got lots of smoothies that have soymilk option.

The best part…she grows her own kale! I kid you not. As you may know, kale is impossible to find in south america. She grows her own and has a kale smoothie as well as a kale salad! Delicious.

Try the green monster (and change the honey (miel) to hemp protein powder at no extra cost!).

From there, you can go to Paraíso, a local favorite with cheap cheap almuerzos and set dinners. ($1.60)

Location: Ordóñez 10-19. Open till relatively late. Has ice cream and lots of fruit and fruit juice options.

Cuenca also has the Indian veggie chain Govinda’s, which currently only has vegan a la carte items, and vegetarian almuerzos, but they are working to incorporate more and more vegan items because the demand has been going up! Go Vegans go! Location: Juan Jaramillo 7-27 y Borrero Open from 8 am-6 pm Monday through Friday and only for lunch on Saturday.


Check out as per usual to see other options in the city!


Buen provecho!









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