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Running in LIMA, PERU

Running in LIMA, PERU

IMG_3025I rarely chat about the on foot part of this blog, but I’m a runner. I appreciate moving by my own feet. This is not always the easiest or most fun in South America. Piropos whistling, odd looks, lack of running infrastructure (aka sidewalks without holes in them), etc. Not to mention the fact that when you move every other day, or spend time on buses or treks, you can’t be bothered to lace up the running shoes and hit the pavement.

But…Lima was one of the exceptions. One of the best exceptions.

Seriously. If you like running, go to Lima just to run. You think I’m kidding, I’m totally not. I dream about returning to Lima to run there. I dream about returning to a capital city to run. To run.

There is this beautiful, amazing ocean front malecón, aka path that winds along the coastline. It is a beautiful path that passes along grassy areas and under trees along the cliff.You can loop back around, or even climb down the cliffs and run along the ocean front path. That’s right, there are two sweet ass running paths! IMG_3026

Not only are the views beautiful, the weather perfect, and the trails long and safe, but there are other runners! Other runners in South America! A strong running community! Every day I was out on the trails, no matter the time, I was with other runners. The energy was amazing. Finally heading out for a satisfying long run, breathy in the fresh salty air and really enjoying the run, was worth the trip to Lima alone!




OTHER THINGS ABOUT LIMA for the non-runners and runners alike

1. TOFU. Go to China town and get yourself some cheap ass tofu.

2. Go to China town and get some cheap ass cremoladas! (Not that healthy slurpee like things full of artificial coloring and sugar, but boy, they quench the thirst on a hot day).

3. Sit in the main plaza and just enjoy the capital energy.

4. Walk or bike the malecon! It’s beautiful and well worth it!

5. Enjoy a kind of Western vibe in Miraflores!

6. Go to the Water show! (Try and go at night when the lights are going as well!)



Most people will say they hated Lima, or they didn’t enjoy it, but honestly, Lima was one of my favorite places in Peru. It’s well worth the visit and well worth digging out those running shoes!




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