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Sneaking into Ollantaytambo Ruins, Sacred Valley

Sneaking into Ollantaytambo Ruins, Sacred Valley

Yes, I’ll admit it. I snuck into the Ollantaytambo ruins. Here’s how you can get into the Ollantaytambo ruins without a ticket.

At 130 Soles a pop, boleto turisticos are a bit out of my price range and daily spending limit. I would say that if you are really into ruins, and museums and all the things on the ticket and are going to do every single thing, then it is most definitely worth it and a worthwhile expenditure. Equally, I can see gray as well involved.

Only really wanting to go to Pisac and Ollantaytambo (and getting a sneak peak at Sexy Woman-as nicknamed-the ruins above Cusco from looking from the back), I decided to not spend the money.

In the same boat? Or in it for the thrill? Here’s how to get into the ruins without a ticket:

Option 1: This is not how I went, but what was recommend to me by my hostel owner.

Step 1: Walk to the back of town (down the side streets leading away from the plaza). There you will see a bridge.

Step 2: Cross the bridge. Cut across the fields (feels prettttty open). From there, you can kind of sneak into the side of the ruins. Maybe bring a lunch or a snack and sit down and eat for a second in the ruins verifying your right to be there.

Things to keep in mind: This option is only only possible if there are tons of people in the ruins. There can be a guide over on the far side where you sneak in, he will only move if there are a lot of tourists in the ruins. I’d say you need at least a couple hundred tourists to attempt it.

If you get caught, have a statement in line, like your boyfriend/girlfriend has your ticket inside. Wear normal colors. Play it cool.

Risk level: Feels pretty risky cutting across a field, hoping the guard isn’t there…but my owner swore by it.


Option 2: Climbing the fortress. This is the way I went.

If you walk around (when facing the ruins from the plaza) to the left of the ruins, you follow a dirt road a bit out of town. There, on the right, is a small little path that goes pretty much straight straight up. Follow the path, taking cover in bushes and behind the rocks. (the guards are at the top and might be able to see you.

You’ll hit the fortress wall. Let’s remember, it’s a fortress. There’s no way you’re getting up this part. Follow the wall to the left and up. Moving stealthily along the wall as best you can.  Follow it up to the left and there, near the top of the fortress, is a crack in the wall in the back part of the upper fortress. It has no blocks and no guards right there, and is an easy entrance into the ruins.

Upon arrival, take out your camera quick and just try and blend as best as you can. I pretended to be with this random group, because a lone climber is what he would have seen. Bringing a jacket to change into is a good idea.

This one is probably more likely to get caught, or for you to be without explanation, but I think it works better when there are less people in the ruins. The adrenaline pumping through me climbing up that mountain was all kinds of insane fun.

Ollantaytambo Ruins

The view from the inside


Be careful. Wear smart colors and have a story on your mind. Leaving the ruins is no problem. They don’t check tickets or anything on the way out.

Good luck!


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