Current Location: Guatemala

vegan on foot

I’m Lucy. A left-handed, running, hiking, traveling 28 year old vegan. I’ve been vegan for nine years, and vegetarian for twelve years with no end in sight. I spent a year in South America back in 2012/3 backpacking through all the Spanish speaking countries. I’m currently in Central America on another long trip. My main goal is to show folks that it is possible to do long term or short term backpacking vegan. Please message me if you have questions or want advice.


Patagonia – 2012


Fun Facts

  • Speak Japanese fairly well. Studied abroad in Tokyo for 8 months
  • Speak Spanish way better than Japanese. Conversationally fluent in Spanish. Can hold my own in Japanese.
  • Lived as a monk for a month in Japan
  • Spent the night in a Venezuelan hospital after a serious bus crash that made the front page of the local paper
  • Ran a marathon in Chile
  • Got PADI certified on the Great Barrier reef
  • Went on a Venezuelan safari
  • Served as a translator/ mountain guide in Bolivian mountainside for several months

Countries – Currently in Belize

  • pre-2009: Spain, Mexico, Aruba, Canada
  • 2009: England, France, Spain, Morocco, Monaco, Italy (backpacking in Italy)
  • 2010:Venezuela (3 months)
  • 2011: Japan (study abroad), Vietnam (backpacking in both)
  • 2012-2013: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina (backpacking)
  • 2016: Puerto Rico
  • 2017: Australia
  • 2018: Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize (backpacking as we speak)

Total Country Count: 25

Total Continent Count: 6


Bolivian Salt Flats – 2013


Backpacking Hikes as a Vegan

  • Patagonia W – 5 Days in Chilean Patagonia
  • Strawberry Mountains, Oregon – 3 Days in Eastern Oregon
  • Deschutes National Forest; Bend, Oregon – 3 Days in the Cascades


Mekong Delta, Vietnam – 2011