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Vegan Food in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a beautiful, colonial city in the south of Ecuador. An ex-pat paradise full of comfy and delicious restaurants, a beautiful river walk, and gorgeous relaxing streets. As such, it’s full of delicious veggie restaurants to hit up! My first and highest recommendation would be Nectar, an all vegan restaurant in the city center.…
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The Fruit Chronicles-Sapote-Ecuador

Name of Fruit: Sapote Other names: – Location Found: Ecuador, Peru How to Eat: Cut into it and eat the inside out with a spoon. Don’t eat the outside part or the more yellow parts around the fruit. Giant seeds inside, not edible. Initial thoughts: This thing is weird. It smells and looks like a…
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Vegetarian Restaurant in Tena, Ecuador

Spoon Revolution is a newly opened vegetarian restaurant in Tena, Ecuador. Whether you’re on your way out to the jungle, or looking for some veggie respite after your jungle trips and multiple mosquito bites, Spoon Revolution is a delicious and cheap place to fill up on veggie food! Open from 8 am to 4 pm,…
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