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Sneaking into Ollantaytambo Ruins, Sacred Valley

Yes, I’ll admit it. I snuck into the Ollantaytambo ruins. Here’s how you can get into the Ollantaytambo ruins without a ticket. At 130 Soles a pop, boleto turisticos are a bit out of my price range and daily spending limit. I would say that if you are really into ruins, and museums and all…
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Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley, Peru

Ollantaytambo is stunningly stark in its simplicity. The cobblestone streets belie the current year, as water gushes melodically along through the ancient Incan planned viaducts as children careen around sharp corners rushing to get home after school, silently attesting to the safety of the car-less streets. It lies nestled in the green hills of the…
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Running in LIMA, PERU

I rarely chat about the on foot part of this blog, but I’m a runner. I appreciate moving by my own feet. This is not always the easiest or most fun in South America. Piropos whistling, odd looks, lack of running infrastructure (aka sidewalks without holes in them), etc. Not to mention the fact that…
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The BUS guide to South America

Picking buses is stressful. It’s not just the local shit greyhound or mom’s MiniVan. The obstacles are real-winding roads, long hours, crazy potholes and speeds, crazy truck passings… The dangers are even more present, from drunk conductors, conductors falling asleep, old buses, bad tires, and more, picking a bus company can be very important and…
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