Current Location: Guatemala

Costa Rica

Costa Rica in 2 Weeks

Costa Rica Itinerary

  • San Jose (2 days)
    • Description: Capitol City. Not a great vibe, but has enough food and shops.
    • Transportation from Airport/Bus Station/Around Town: Uber (super easy & safe!)
  • La Fortuna (3 days)
    • Description: Small town at the foot of a once super active volcano. Volcano isn’t as active anymore. If you’re going to Guatemala or other volcano towns, consider skipping.
    • Transportation To: Public Bus, 3.5 Hours, Super Cheap
    • Transportation Within: Foot/Rented a Car for 24 Hours
  • Monteverde (4 days)
    • Description: Cloud Forest. Super chill town. One of those towns you could get lost in if you wanted to.
    • Transportation to: Public Buses from La Fortuna to Monteverde. Cost = $8 USD, Hours – 8
    • Transportation within: Not really needed. Walked everywhere.
  • Santa Teresa (4 days)
    • Description: Surfer’s Paradise. Beach town extraordinaire
    • Transportation To: Public Bus to Ferry to Public Bus to Public Bus. Cost = ~$8, Hours – ~9
    • Transportation within: Not really needed. Walked everywhere/beached it up.
  • San Jose (2 days), Flight to Panama
    • 1 way bus from Santa Teresa to San Jose that included ferry. Cost = $12, hours – 7

General Info about Costa Rica Travel

  • Time of Year: May (aka Rainy Season)
  • Actual Year Traveled: 2018
  • Mode of Transport: Flight in and out of SJO, San Jose’s International Airport.
    • Origin: USA
    • Destination After Costa Rica: Panama City
  • Main Transport Between Cities: Public Bus
  • Main Transport within Cities: Foot/Uber
  • General Thoughts on Transportation: Public transportation between cities was cheap and easy. No need to pay for shuttles.
  • Thoughts on Rainy Season: Not that rainy. An afternoon rain. Still lots of travelers and friends to make, and weather barely made any impact on travel. Only had 1 true “rainy day” at the beach, but spent it in cafes, reading and writing.

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