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Santa Teresa – Vegan Haven?

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Vegan Food

Santa Teresa is a beach town on the Nicoya Pennisula of Costa Rica. Beach towns are generally pretty hippy, generally pretty vegan friendly, but beach towns can be plagued by being harder to get to or “simplicity” in their food.

Santa Teresa had some of the best vegan options I’ve seen in a town in Costa Rica, let alone a beach town. For whatever reason, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica had all kinds of vegan friendly restaurants, and a friendly full veg restaurant.

Not to mention, I found nutritional yeast in a health food store, vegan cheese in a not health food store, and vegan handmade local ice cream.

Stock up on the yeast, grab yourself some ice cream – and enjoy the beach.

Restaurants/Spots with vegan options:

  1. Olam Pure Food – The true veggie spot in town. I had a delicious vegan omelet there.
  2. Earth Café – Had vegan bowls, vegan baked goods, and vegan milk options for coffee yum.
  3. Zwart Café – Bowls and vegan milks. Could also get a milk smoothie.
  4. Green World Store – Nutritional Yeast, Organic Veggies, a couple other vegan dressings etc. In the back there are vegan ice creams, both the little bars and the quarts are vegan.
  5. Super Ronny – Tofu in Cans, All kinds of grains.
  6. Grocery store on the far far south side of town has the Follow Your Heart cheese along with a few fake meats.

Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Ice Cream Options at Green World Store


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