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General Info about Travel to Guatemala, including links to all my posts from Guatemala.

Guatemala Travel Information


  • Day 1 – Guatemala City straight to Antigua
  • Day 2-6 – Antigua Chilling and Volcano Acatenango to see Fuego
  • Day 7-9 Lago Atilan
  • Mexico (Crossed to San Cristobal De Las Casas, then to Palenque)
  • Day 10 – Transfer from Palenque to Flores (Tikal!)
  • Day 11-14 – Flores/Tikal, Crossed into Belize from there.


General Info about Guatemala Travel

  • Time of Year: May/June (aka Rainy Season)
  • Actual Year Traveled: 2018
  • Language: Spanish
  • Money: Quetzales. Backpackers say Qs.
  • Mode of Transport: Flight into Guatemala City. Bus/Van in and out from Mexico/Guatemala/Belize Borders
    • Origin: Panama
    • Destination After Costa Rica: Mexico/Belize
  • Main Transport Between Cities: Tourist Shuttles for Safety/Speed
  • Main Transport within Cities: Foot
  • General Thoughts on Transportation: Paid for shuttles between cities. Heard lots of things about not being as safe. Didn’t have consistent travel partners in Guatemala, so paid the extra for the shuttles. Most people I knew took shuttles. Not that expensive.
  • Thoughts on Rainy Season: Not that rainy. An afternoon rain. Still lots of travelers and friends to make, and weather barely made any impact on travel.


More Posts for Guatemala coming!

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