Current Location: Guatemala

Guatemala Vegan Grocery List

Guatemala vegan food options in grocery stores are fairly good! See the below list of vegan staples I found in Guatemala for hostel cooking or daily living.

  1. Fresh Tofu in Antigua! Head to the main grocery store in Antigua off of 5 Calle and 7 Avenida. In the cheese fridge near the fruits, look in the bottom right corner for the sneaky tofu! Pro Tip – In more western towns, always check the cheese area in Latin America. That’s where you’ll find the tofu.
      guatemala veganTofu in Guatemala
  2. TVP – Textured Vegetable Protein. Yup, no surprise the vegan favorite of Latin America is also in Guatemala. Slightly different packaging and name here. Still found in similar area. Check the “health section” you can find by oatmeal. It’s normally there, though sometimes you may have to wander around a bit. In most stores.
      guatemala veganTVP in Guatemala
  3. Soy Milk – Different package, same great taste. Find in most stores near the non refrigerated milk or juices. They even have chocolate. Yum.
      Guatemala VeganSoy Milk in Guatemala
  4. Canned Tofu and Tahini – Not my favorite, but the classic canned tofu brand of Latin American raises its head in Guatemala too. Find in the ethnic sections.
      Vegan GuatemalaTofu in Guatemala
  5. Beans, Lentils, and Couscous/Quinoa – No pictures, but there is plenty of beans and lentils throughout Guatemala. Extremely cheap and very accessible. Couscous and quinoa are available in most larger stores, for a higher price. I buy only when I’m really craving it.
  6. Fruits and veggies. Like most places in the world, fruits and veggies are hugely and widely available. Pro tip is to head to the local markets instead of the grocery stores. Better prices, and better community support.

Those are some of the gems I’ve found, and I’m sure there are even more great vegan options in stores in Guatemala. If you’ve found other great options, please comment below!

TL;DR – Guatemala vegan food is plentiful and readily available for cooking and eating! Enjoy!