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Panama was a quick trip. I had just done beaches and cloud forests in Costa Rica – and decided to do a quick couple days in Panama to check out the food, and to check out the Canal. I bought a flight from San Jose to Panama City for 10K miles on United, and was on my way!

Three days in Panama City:


  • Day 1: Arrived in Panama City, easy customs. Got to hostel and explored Casco Viejo (old part of town on foot)
  • Day 2 –
    • Bike in the Morning.
      • There is an awesome path around the ocean front that leads from Casco Viejo (old part of town) to the new downtown. You can also ride along the ocean front pathway and see Casco Viejo from the few lookouts. I rode this all the way to the BioMuseum.
      • ProTip – If you’ll be there on a Sunday, save this for that day. They close down the main road, making the path even bigger and better. It’s always more fun to be riding when the whole town is out.
    • Uber to Vegan Lunch
    • Uber to Train Station, From Train Station, go to the very last stop to see the Baha’i Temple (one of 9 in the whole world).
  • Day 3
    • Canal Canal Canal
  • Day 4 – Breakfast and Walk Around before Flight


General Info about Panama

  • Time of Year: May (aka Rainy Season)
  • Mode of Transport: Flight in and out of ETY, Panama City’s Airport San Jose’s International Airport.
    • Origin: San Jose, Costa Rica
    • Destination After Costa Rica: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Main Transport Between Cities: Public Bus
  • Main Transport within Panama City: Foot, Train, Bus, Uber
  • General Thoughts on Transportation: Transportation within Panama City was the best. Take the train. Take the bus. Walk. Uber if it is extra complicated.
    • ProTip – Google Maps actually works for buses and trains, which is very rare abroad in my experience.
  • Thoughts on Rainy Season: Not that rainy. An afternoon rain. Still lots of travelers and friends to make, and weather barely made any impact on travel.

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