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Baha’i Temple in Panama City

The Baha’i Temple in Panama City is only 1 of 9 Baha’i Temples in the world. Should you go? Definitely. Here’s a quick and cheap guide to an easy adventure.

Baha'i Temple in Panama City

Baha’i Temple in Panama City

The Baha’i Temple sits above Panama City on a hill on the outskirts of town. Even the nonreligious will appreciate the tranquility as the wind blows peacefully through the center of open air temple. Wander around the gardens and grounds taking in the view, and take a seat in the center of the temple and breathe in as the wind surrounds you.

Time Needed: Couple hours

Food Needed: Not really. You don’t need many hours up there, but a little picnic wouldnt be bad. I personally used my friend HappyCow, found lunch, and grabbed a train from there.

To get there:

You can take an Uber or a taxi there, but the easiest way and cheapest way to get there is via the subway. The subway in Panama City is clean, efficient, and very cheap. The most expensive part is the $2 card you have to buy. Ask your hostel if they have extras, otherwise purchase a card and use it doubletime for getting to the Canal on a budget. Be sure to pass it on to a fellow traveler before you leave.

To get the card, head to any nearby train station and use the teller machines with cash or credit card to buy the card. From there, load up the card with a few bucks. Each ride costs less than a dollar.

Once you have the card loaded up:

  1. Take the train to San Isidro – the very last stop on the only line. The signs are very easy to follow.
  2. Leaving the station, head towards the left leaving the station. To descend after the T, take the stairs to the right. Once down, you’ll see a bunch of folks picking up Combis and Bus Transfers. This is not where the bus for Baha’i goes, just walk a little more straight (or check your app or something similar to look for Baha’i Road.
  3. Once you see the below sign and the road/gates – you’re at the right spot.
Baha'i Temple Gates

Gates to Baha’i

Free Shuttle Pick up Times

To get to the temple, you can walk up the path, or take the free shuttle provided by the temple. I showed up at the wrong hours, but the hike up took me only 15 minutes.

Once you’re up there, enjoy the view and peacefulness. Check 1 temple off the list. See the other locations here on Wikipedia.

Baha'i Temple Panama City


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