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Vegan Grocery List in Panama

Vegan Food in Panama is similar to other Latin American countries. See the below vegan grocery items available in Panama.

  1. Our resident favorite South American food – TVP, aka Carne de Soya, aka Soya Texturizada, aka dehydrated soy that can take any flavor.
    1. In great news, some of the bigger groceries in Panama City have two options, the small kind we are used to seeing in the US, and the big bite kind. Get the big one if you haven’t before. It’s got a different texture and I find it “meatier”!
    2. TVP – Trozos on the left, smaller “normal” TVP on the right

  2. Fake Meat in a Can – Woot. One of the first true fake local meats. I’ve seen lots of Follow Your Heart, and lots of our brands of soy milk etc, but this is the first true local fake meat I’ve found. Definitely saw lots more in South America.
    1. Didn’t try all of these/they look okay, but they are definitely fake and definitely vegan. Found in the classic “healthy” section of grocery stores abroad, aka a small section with things like oatmeal.
  3. Soy Milk & Chocolate Soy Milk Packs!
  4. Excuse me while I get excited for the small chocolate milks from Silk. I bought these everyday I was in Panama City. These were only at the little fancy grocery story in Casco Viejo (they might be somewhere else, but this is where I saw them).
  5. Almond and Soy Milk in Panama City


  6. Grains/Beans
    1. Always can find beans/grains in Central America.
    2. Bob’s Red Mill to the Rescue


Main Grocery Store I Went to in Casco Viejo (if staying there), was El Rey. It had the little chocolate soy milk treats. The and canned “meat” and large trozos TVP were at El Machetazo on Avenida Central just at the start of the walking only section closer to Casco Viejo. Very easy to walk there from Casco Viejo.

El Rey Grocery Store in Casco Viejo

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