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the Vegan Trek at Parque Tayrona, Northern Coast of Columbia

The Northern Coast of Colombia, bathed in a humidity that surrounds the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, where tropical fruit juices are ever present and Colombians wander in the heat in jeans. A vibrancy that only abounds when heat drives humanity to move, to live more passionately… It is in this environment that almost…
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Colombian Vegan Street Food

Most people assume vegans can´t eat street food. I used to assume the same. But, luckily, that is a bald-face lie and crazy assumption against us veggies. People who travel with me know I love to eat, particularly that I love to explore new foods and talk about new foods with complete strangers who quickly…
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Colombia’s Grocery List

Contrary to common beliefs about South American diets, shopping and eating in Colombia as a vegan is easy, easy, oh, and easy. My shopping list here is by no means all the vegan food out there, I didn’t dive into showing all the different chips and cookies, etc (particularly because we already know a lot…
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