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Vegan Food in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a beautiful, colonial city in the south of Ecuador. An ex-pat paradise full of comfy and delicious restaurants, a beautiful river walk, and gorgeous relaxing streets. As such, it’s full of delicious veggie restaurants to hit up! My first and highest recommendation would be Nectar, an all vegan restaurant in the city center.…
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Bread in Chile, Vegan or Covered in Lard?

The elusive Chilean lard bread myth, in the words of our good friends over at mythbusters, is it confirmed, plausible, or busted? Busted. More or less. Though read below to get the full scoop.  Chileans are oddly, overtly and confidently proud of their bread. They think it is the most delicious bread in all of South…
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Colombia’s Grocery List

Contrary to common beliefs about South American diets, shopping and eating in Colombia as a vegan is easy, easy, oh, and easy. My shopping list here is by no means all the vegan food out there, I didn’t dive into showing all the different chips and cookies, etc (particularly because we already know a lot…
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7 Veg Friendly Chilean Traditional Foods

When I say traditional Chilean food, most people quickly think of asados and carne, empanadas full of cheese and meat, and an extra helping of meat. I’m here to tell you, you can eat Chilean and still be friends with the animals. Most of these options require little to no extra questions or prep work.…
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