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The Comprehensive Essential Spanish for the Traveling Veggie

A few quick essential Spanish words can really help you when eating out, asking street vendors questions, or reading labels in grocery stores. Here’s the essential Spanish for the traveling veggie: 1. First, self-describe. Soy vegana. I am a vegan. (If a girl). Soy vegano. I am a vegan. (If a boy). In Spanish, the…
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Colombia’s Grocery List

Contrary to common beliefs about South American diets, shopping and eating in Colombia as a vegan is easy, easy, oh, and easy. My shopping list here is by no means all the vegan food out there, I didn’t dive into showing all the different chips and cookies, etc (particularly because we already know a lot…
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Vegan Patagonia

Trekking through Patagonia as a vegan Trekking as a vegan, let alone in Patagonia, the penultimate of all treks, is surprisingly not as difficult nor as expensive as it might sound. When I first decided to travel to Patagonia and the beautiful, yet daunting Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, I was more than a bit…
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The Vegan Packing List

Are you looking to get away from it all? Ready to take the vegan plunge? Looking to get healthy while on the road? Here’s the essential vegan packing list: 1. Silverware  As vegans, we are a creative bunch, mixing and matching sides at Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner, ordering around products when you’re friends want to go…
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